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Celia Seagull and the Plastic Sea

Celia Seagull and the Plastic Sea

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Poetry in motion in this book, as Celia Seagull poetically cleans up the oceans of a plethora of plastic waste to build her nest for one. But alas, all is not what she thinks as she discovers when a hip mermaid brings help to offer. Collecting pieces of plastic to build a grand nest, she is far too busy to help turtle, sea lion and penguin in distress, until Celia finds herself in a drama....

"We should always help when a friend is distressed. And make way for loved ones to rest in our nest. But throwaway plastic should not full our space. We have just one earth and Earth has just one face".

And we are so glad New Zealand is part of Plastic Free July every year.

Written by Nicole Miller and Illustrated by Lily Uivel, it is 27cm x 19cm.

"An awesome, purposeful book with a powerful message that change is up to us - our future generations are counting on us"

-Ricardo Christie- NZ Surfer

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