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Cat Scrunchies - Bird protectors

Cat Scrunchies - Bird protectors

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Hand made in Christchurch, New Zealand. Sweet as!!!

Designed to help protect local New Zealand bird life and reduce birds hurt by your cat. Cats are cool but so are birds!!!!

Birds are genetically predisposed to look for bright colours and therefore should see your cat moving much earlier and have time to move away rather than be ambushed. Also unlike a bell, which cats can learn to stop jingling, your cat can't work around having the collar.

Article about the research on its effectiveness here

This Scrunchie is designed to have your cat's normal quick-release collar go through it to hold it in place and so that the quick release will still work.

Comes in two types: SHORT-HAIRED or LONG-HAIRED (which is slightly wider to be seen over all that fluff).

100% cotton and fully washable.


1. Fit the quick release collar on your cat and then loosen slightly (to allow for the extra bulk of the scrunchie).

2. Thread the collar through the scrunchie and attach with the striped circles facing the front.

How about these fun facts about cats. Cats can leap up to 5 times their own height and the oldest known cat to ever live was Creme Puff who lived for 38 years!!!! What!

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