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Balazoo Jungle Game

Balazoo Jungle Game

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Balazoo is just a fun play on words combining balancing and zoo. 

This is fun way to play Balancing Animals. Draw a challenge card from the pack and then race the timer to see if you can do it. The faster you do it the more points you get.
But be careful because if it tumbles you have to start again.

Challenge each other to do a configuration. Be lucky and draw a Wild Card (make your own pattern). Now it's your opportunity to be creative!

A successful Balazoo occurs when a player arranges all five animals in a pattern very similar to the configuration card and leaves the animals balancing with no hands.

Game comes with:

  • One set of Balancing Jungle Animals (natural)
  • 20 Challenge Cards and 4 Wild Cards
  • Sand timer
  • Score Card
  • Pencil
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