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Balance - ROCK IT Balance Board

Balance - ROCK IT Balance Board

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At last we have a board specially designed to help those who have significant balance challenges!

Balance is so important in everyday living. To move with confidence and safety can become increasingly difficult, either as we age, or after injury, or for anyone with other physical challenges.

This board is shorter and wider than other rock-it boards. It comes standard with a cork bottom for stability. It is easy to use, safe – and even fun!

Rocking stimulates our balance system and promotes better circulation. With practice we can begin to regain lost confidence. Our muscles begin to react as they used to, to support us and keep us upright.

This board could be a game changer – to help those who have ‘lost it’ to find strength and confidence once more.

Board Dimensions

Length  89cm 

Width  32cm

Height  15 cm

Weight 3.5kg

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