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Baby Earth - ROCK IT Balance Board

Baby Earth - ROCK IT Balance Board

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This is the baby of the Earth range... a perfect starter board for crawlers and toddlers under 3 years, but still useable up to 6/7 years. Growing healthy bodies and brains!

Providing our young ones with simple, natural, open-ended play resources to stimulate learning and to  strengthen balance! 

Mini Earth is a sturdy little board, a little shorter, than the Little Earth board and comes with standard cork bottom to provide extra stability for our little ones.

Cork provides a resilient, non slip and tactile surface which is important when our toddlers are experimenting...climbing on, crawling over, or rocking on their board. 

Easy for this age to pick up and carry, move around, or using as the bridge, the cave, the tunnel, the fence.... 

Last photo shows range of earth boards. Baby Earth is the smallest.

Weight limit when used as a rocking board - up to 100kg

Weight limit inverted (like a bridge) -  80kg


12 ply + cork layer


82cm X  W 29cm X H 15cm

Weight of board average 3 kg

NB The Baby Earth is similar in size to other child boards recently on the market, but with cork addition and thicker for added strength. A very sturdy, safe board for our young ones!

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