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Aotearoa NZ Watercolour Notepad

Aotearoa NZ Watercolour Notepad

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How cute is this for little creatives..

This Moana Rd made watercolour painting notepad comes with 12 original illustrations with a New Zealand theme, printed on cards with paint.

Each illustration card has a set of 6 compressed paint squares so simply dip your brush in water, choose a colour (or mix them up!) and start painting!

The brush is provided, so some water is all you need.

Each card is perforated so that you can tear them off.

Colour mixing tips on reverse side and hey what about using the finished painting as a bookmark.... 

  • Measures 19cm x  8cm
  • Six vibrant colours (purple, blue, green, yellow, red and brown)
  • Paintbrush included
  • Colour mixing tips included
  • Designed in New Zealand
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