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Animals of Aotearoa Puzzle 100 piece

Animals of Aotearoa Puzzle 100 piece

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Once again our besties at Moana Rd have created a cool puzzle for everyone to enjoy. Have fun learning about all the animals that inhabit the land and the sea in beautiful Aotearoa. There are 29 different New Zealand animals to piece together from the majestic Kārearea (NZ falcon) and humble Toutouwai (NZ robin) to the Smiling Moko Kākāriki (green gecko) and Mokomoko (common skink). Did you know the New Zealand falcon can fly at speeds up to 200km/hr!!!! It is one of 38 species of falcon found worldwide.

The puzzle is made of card with a non-toxic finish to ensure your family (and the planet) are kept safe and sound. The tin can be reused to house treasure, cookies and other craft materials. 

Jigsaw puzzles are timeless and they are such a wonderful way to "unplug," especially these days. Excellent for connecting with family and friends who can participate at whatever pace suits them. Puzzles actually exercise both sides of the brain at once meaning you are being logical and creative at the same time. This can help improve problem solving skills and attention span. Puzzling is actually a great meditation tool and stress reliever. Focusing on one image for an extended period of time, without extraneous thoughts entering your mind, is in itself, meditation. No need for yoga, just start a puzzle.

100 piece puzzle.

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