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Silicone Icy Pops - set of 6

Silicone Icy Pops - set of 6

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These squish sticks as we like to call them are cool. Ice cool, literally!!! Make your own concoctions of icy goodness. Frozen juices and smoothies that will make your kids day when you pull them out and the bonus is you know exactly whats in them. Yay!

There are six vibrant colours to share around and the kids can pick a favourite colour each time. Choose from green, pink, purple, blue, orange and yellow.

Size: 15 cm x 3 cm at opening.

They include a push in lid for a mess free, freezing experience.

Made from food grade safety silicone and BPA free.

Ok, so how did the popsicle first come about? Interestingly, it was by accident and by a kid!! In America in 1905, An 11 year old stirred a soda mix with water and accidentally left it on his verandah overnight. It was so cold that when he found it the next day, it had frozen in to the first popsicle.  Voilà!

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