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3D National Geographic Sea Turtle Puzzle

3D National Geographic Sea Turtle Puzzle

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How neat is this... A 3D puzzle of a Green Sea Turtle. From Cubicfun and National Geographic.

Did you know Green sea turtles spend nearly all of their lives under water. They can rest for 5 hours without coming up for air!! When they get active though, they pop up to breathe every few minutes just for a few seconds. Fun fact; they are actually known to sunbathe on land.

  • 31 Pieces
  • Final size 22cm x 27cm x 17cm
  • Made of high-quality cardboard
  • Easy to assemble
  • No scissors or glue required
  • Educational, as it teaches children about endangered animals
  • Suitable for ages 8+

And each purchase helps support the global nonprofit National Geographic Society. To illuminate and protect our world through exploration, research and education.

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