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Sox Footwear Blue Marble

Sox Footwear Blue Marble

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Ride, Run, Jump and Play in our premium quality Blue Marble Sox Footwear! This great blue marble effect reminds us of the swirling crystal blue waters of Aortearoa's oceans and rivers.

Made strong to last long! With a 5 year factory warranty on these beauties! The Polylon36 fibre is both strong and soft. Your socks will maintain their structure. The TruePrint technology ensure that your socks maintain their bright bold designs. No fading or washing out.

Sox Footwear are seamless crew length socks which prevent pressure spots and blisters. The thicker toe and heal boxes to create stronger and more cushioned zone for those high wearing areas. The Y-Shaped heal creates a comfy little pocket for your heal and prevents your sock creeping into your shoe. The moisture wicking fabric and breathable upper mesh  keeps your feet dry and you can say bye-bye to smelly socks!

Small suits 1-4 US

Medium suits 5-8 US

Large suits 9-13 US

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