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Flox Tea Towel - Korimako

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Lovely art on a practical level is this Tea Towel from Flox Design NZ. A lovely gift we think for those who love to cook.

Featuring a Korimako bird and solitary dragonfly in a lovely garden setting, with flowers of lavender, hibiscus and the remarkable red Peony. The honey eater Korimako, is known as the New Zealand Bellbird, and did you know the Peony are so long lived, they can grow for over 100 years!! Korimako play an important role in the regeneration of New Zealand forest through pollinating native flora and dispersing seed that they feed on. 

Dimensions; 70 cm x 50 cm.

100% cotton.

Hayley King is the creative of Flox Design. Her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers are a celebration of Aotearoa's environmental taonga (treasure). Using distinctly vibrant and confident colour on a scale combined with delicacy, her works are always inspired.