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MOANA RD -The Canteen - Sienna

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Sienna, Canteen style drink bottle. 

From our besties at Moana Rd.

A bit of a Rolls Royce of Canteen drink bottles. Featuring an integrated mouth piece which provides a smooth, easy drinking experience. This feature can also hold back ice cubes or tea bags and means you can drink or pour from the drink bottle at any angle.

Easy function with a twist lid and carry handle. So Good!

Double walled insulated steel. These puppies will hold the temperature of your beverage for up to six hours.

Huge second mouth opening of 5cm making it super easy to add ice ice baby.

Capacity 500 ml.

Bottle Dimensions; 24 cm high x 7 cm wide.

Made with 304 stainless steel. You know, the best.

BPA Free.

Hand wash only.