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Flox Packaway Poncho - Wax Eye

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We love these wet weather, shower proof hooded Ponchos, perfect for the summer festival or tramp. So easily included in your suitcase, backpack or the glovebox of your car as It comes in a matching drawstring bag!

Set on background of deep green, is the delightfully cute Wax Eye, winging in a garden setting with purple and flushed pink flowers. The Wax Eye bird is also commonly known as the Silver Eye and are widespread across New Zealand. Fun fact for you is that the Wax Eye bird enjoys bird feeders more than any other species, especially in winter.

Dimensions of the folded poncho in the bag are 22 cm x 18 cm.

Hand wash cold.

Hayley King is the creative of Flox. Her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers are a celebration of Aotearoa’s environmental taonga ( treasure ). Using distinctly vibrant and confident colour on a scale combined with delicacy her works are always inspired.